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Please send us your thoughts/suggestions for improvement.  Also, feel free to send in comments regarding the requests below.

2012 Requests:  (feedback & comments from past years can be found here):

1. Have 2 big bike races on Sunday.
2. Increase race to 2 hours.
3. Have the Experts yell "XC" instead of a normal yell when lapping slower riders.
4. Don't use a dozer when making the trails.
5. Space each class 1 minute apart instead of 30 seconds.
6. Increase course to 7-9 miles when possible.
7. Add a Vet A 30+ class to insert in between XC2 and Senior A 40+.
8. Have more than two port-o-lets.
9. Stop offering practice.
10. Add a 60+ class.


Reasoning / Other Responses:


#1, Have 2 big bike races on Sunday:

-The first at 8 am for the slower classes (everything that starts after Novice Lites), and the the second race immediately following say around 10 am for the faster classes. Your crowds are getting really large and 150+ bikes is a whole lot on a 5-6 mile course.

-I completely agree with numbers 1 and 2. The lappers interfere with my racing pretty regularly, and I'm sure they interfere with others. This also gives you the opportunity to lengthen the expert class race, which would be the later race presumably, to 120 or even 135 minutes. I think that it is fair to say that myself, and the other kids my age racing the expert class would like to use this series as a platform to race GNCC's and other national level races and if we raced on a rougher course (from the beginner classes riding earlier in the day) and a longer race it would train us for those national races.

-Disagree.  I dont think this is logical on the terms of the race staff being able to handle even more as of 2 main events back to back. I also think that it is pointless. Every race series has lappers from local to national its part of the game and part of the race. Yell early and say thank you when passing and dont be rude and most people are very polite about being passed and if not then force a pass

-this is fine but you'll need plenty workers stepping up.


#2, Increase race to 2 hours.

-I definitely agree on this. I would love to have more time racing for the reason of hoping to move on to bigger national race series that are running for 2-3 hrs. this would also get more people involved as to having a pit crew and making it more professional for people having to make gas stops.  Another thought i would love to see along with the 2 hr main on sunday is a 1hr on sat afternoon and just move practice up to sat morns. Now i have worked multiple events and know that alot of work especially in the farther event locations is done and finished on sat morn, but if it was possible it would allow the more serious racers more race time and a chance to see the course and make adjustments to suspension and motor and what not to have the best and fastest settings possible for the big main on sun. IWould also help put a solid defined line down on the track and allow the race workers a chance to see where all the hot routes would form and block them off ahead of time before the big main.It  also could be a chance for say peopleto make up points if you had a sat 1hr at certain events that would reward say half the points as a normal main. Might get more people coming to sat races which in turn brings in more money and participation to the series.

-Agree:  increase to 3 hrs

#3, Have the Experts yell "XC" instead of a normal yell when lapping slower riders.

-Disagree.  I think this is dumb and useless. i have never ahd a problem with anyone passing me rudely or without enough time to pull over and stay in motion while being passed. the whole purpous, however u spell it, is to be at the top of the pro class and if you cant make a pass without harming anyone you shouldnt be racing. Find your spot and capitalize on it when the opportunity arrives.

-Disagree: ride faster


#4, Don't use a dozer when making the trails.

-...let's try to find a happy medium if possible because I think you have a really good thing going here but the dozer stuff is messing it up.

-Disagree. These events are short and sweet, but the work needed to prepare isnt and takes multiple days and lots of weekends of your time and money. a dozer is the quickest and cleanest way to cut trail with only having to come back and cut a few face slappers. Plus the dozer typically makes a smooth trail and nice natural burms in the turns

-Agree, lose the dozer... destroys the vegetation, makes the "trail" a ROAD...Takes any and all challenge out of offroad just OPENS up the ground to erosion..

-Agree, sell dozer "cheap"


#5, Space each class 1 minute apart instead of 30 seconds.

-Disagree.  Instead of having lappers in lap 2-4 we would start having lapped riders even earlier which would cause more frustration. if anything in order to fix this make the courses 7-9mi instead of 5-7mi, but again this requires more work, time, and money which is precious commodities when holding a serious series like LACC

-Disagree: ride faster


#6, Increase course to 7-9 miles when possible.

-This would allow a little more spacing on the riders and make less lapping occur so quickly.

-this is fine if you have enough workers stepping up.


#7, Add a Vet A 30+ class to insert in between the XC2 and Sen A 40+ class.

-Most of the other series start their age classes at 30+.  This would attract more vet expert riders and let some drop down from XC1 that can't really compete for top 5s or podiums.

-I disagree, don't start adding too many classes...full starting lines are fun.


#8, Have more than two port-o-lets.

-(no other comments yet)


#9, Stop offering practice.

-id like to see practice done away with i understand its bringing more revenue but its costing riders more money and if they don not ride practice they feel at a disadvantage plus im a fan of 100% virgin trail on first lap.


#10, Add a 60+ class.

-...wish you would try it for the remainder of the season. The class does well in TX. 











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