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The LA Cross-Country Series provides for fun, competitive, family oriented off-road racing in or near the state of Louisiana.

Points are accumulated throughout the year and the racers in each class are recognized at a year-end awards ceremony in Lafayette, LA.   A sincere effort will be made to spread the venues out equally across the state (and possibly in surrounding states) to keep the driving distances to a minimum for all.

The courses will be around five miles long to allow for more spectator involvement, more pictures, more videos, etc.  Most courses will include a motocross track in order to attract more motocross rider participation & test all of the riders' overall skillset.  Adults race for 1 hour and 30 minutes and in most cases will run rain or shine (depending on the particular land owner).  The starts will be dead-engine for the main event, different classes will be spaced 30 seconds apart, and the starting order will range from expert classes beginner classes last.


Please read the RULES page.  If you have any questions or suggestions please email us.



Click Here To See Larger Image MotoTally is used to score each event and for managing the year-end points standings (same as the National Enduro Series, 2-Day ISDE Qualifiers, OMA Series, AHSCS, and many others in the US).
MotoTally is by far the best scoring / points management system around for offroad race series.  Results can be printed quickly after each event including lap times and results/points uploaded usually within a few hours after each event.

Left:  Riders can see their #, elapsed time, place in class, and how far behind the leader (or will show "Class Leader") by looking up in the scoring tent at the LCD flat screen monitor.


The LACC Series includes almost all race conditions to test each rider's overall skill!

MX Obstacles Open Areas / Grass Tracks Woods Sections

Mud Dust Dead-engine Starts

Endurance ...and more Obstacles (easy but longer alternate routes will be included)


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The LACC Series may bring back good memories for those who used to run the LA Hare Scramble Championship Series:
(Allen's son Coy made the podium in the XC1 Expert Class at Round 1 - 225 Xtreme M. Park 2/15/2009)



Thanks to Brian Bland for sending these old flyers in:





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